Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thanks to Rob Fraioli for this great review of Megadeth Another Time A Different Place!

5.0 out of 5 stars "Another Time, A Different Place", Same Outstanding Quality, March 16, 2012
Rob Fraioli
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This review is from: Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place (Paperback)
Being a huge fan of Bill Hale's first book "Metallica: The Club Dayz 1982-1984" and a big Megadeth fan, I have to admit that I expected this latest release be up to snuff with its predecessor. One thing is for sure folks, this book is directly if not more than on par with Club Dayz....and that was/is a hard book to top! To begin with, the construction quality of this book is phenomenal; sure that might not sound important but what is the sense in reading a book that will just fall apart on you in no time flat? The most appealing part of the book, the real meat and potatoes so to speak, are the tons and tons of photos straight of Bill's photo vault. Each photo, from the live shots to the good old candid photos, shows just the sheer raw nature of an awesome heavy metal band in its fledgling years. I was amazed to see so many photos of what is, in my opinion, the best Megadeth lineup that has ever existed to date (Mustaine, Ellefson, Poland, and Samuelson). Another extremely cool surprise were photos of the band with Mike Albert, the little known fill-in member of Megadeth who took over the lead guitar duties for Chris Poland. In conclusion, from the sheer quality of the book's construction to its absolutely awesome photos, what Bill Hale has put together is yet another must have for any Megadeth or heavy metal fan! Plain and simple folks, just buy the book; you will not be disappointed, that's for sure.


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