Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thanks to Larry Toering & Music Street Journal for this review of Megadeth Another Time, A Different Place!

Megadeth Another Time / A Different Place by photographer Bill Hale Review by Larry Toering
This book by concert and general rock band photographer Bill Hale is published by VH1 Classics and carried by the likes of MTV and others. It features cover and book design by Walein Design, and foreward by Dave Mustaine. What a fine project this turned out to be. Hale also authored the Metallica book The Club Days 1982-84, and if you've laid eyes on that beauty, which I plan to after receiving this terrific piece of paper, then you know this is his passion and life's work in print. In the foreward there are no punches pulled by Mustaine, as to be expected. From cover to cover the reader is treated to countless intimate quality photos to marvel at, with witty and sometimes humorous captions to go with them. A lot of familiar names are mentioned on the first page of some of his colleagues. One in particular is Mick Wall, and if he knows that man, he has seen some wild times. I am what you would call something of an extreme novice when it comes to concert photography, so Hale's work is the kind of thing I admire and appreciate, and this book is a masterstroke of major proportions. Make no mistake this man knows his way around a camera like few others I've seen, and I have been noting rock photographers as long as I can remember. Somehow it's in my make-up to do so, either on record sleeves, magazines or books, and these days on the internet with its luxurious accessibility. Things start out in the beginning with particular photos such as the night of Cliff Burton's first show, and proceeds to rip through the entire career of Megadeth, exploring everyone in and out of the band along the way. There isn't a whole lot to say about a photo book, but a picture tells a thousand words on its own, as they say. The photos are not only stunning, but up close and personal. Hale is a very clever artist as he finds the right brief words throughout in his descriptions of the situations concerning the snapshots of everything from back stage fun, to ominous looking live concert shots. It's written in that language of rock that you either get, or you simply don't. While Megadeth is not for everyone, if you like them, or like photography in general, this book has plenty to make you happy. I recommend this title to any heavy rock fan.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thanks to Chad Bowar for this review of Megadeth Another Time A Different Place!

Thanks to Chad Bowar for this review of Megadeth Another Time A Different Place! Bill Hale - Megadeth: Another Time Another Place Book Review Rating 4 Star Rating By Chad Bowar, Guide
Bill Hale was one of the pre-eminent metal photographers of the ‘80s. He was the chief photographer for Metal Rendezvous, and his work appeared in many other magazines as well. Hale shot all the big name bands of the era, including AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and many more. He also captured the early days of thrash metal, and his book Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 was released a few years ago. The subject of Hale’s latest book is another of the Big 4 of thrash metal, Megadeth. Dave Mustaine himself wrote the forward for Megadeth: A Different Time A Different Place, which chronicles the early days of the band with dozens of excellent photos, many of them previously unpublished. The first photo in the book is of a pre-Megadeth Mustaine playing in the band Young Metal Attack in 1982. Hale was able to photograph the band a few times during their formative years, with both posed and candid photos included in the book. There are some really good candids of the late drummer Gar Samuelson, and Hale dedicates the book to him. Other band members showcased in Megadeth: A Different Time A Different Place are Marty Friedman, Chris Poland, Mike Albert and David Ellefson. Ellefson also writes a section of the book, describing the creation of the band. There are plenty of photos of the other Megadeth members, but frontman Dave Mustaine, not surprisingly, is the main focus. Hale captures both Mustaine’s onstage intensity and his offstage goofiness. It’s a really well-rounded look at the enigmatic Mustaine. Fans of Megadeth will really appreciate the photos of the band when they were beginning their ascension to thrash royalty. Hale’s skill behind the camera is evident, and Megadeth: A Different Time A Different Place is an important part of the band’s historical record. (published March, 2012 by VH-1 Classic)