Thursday, February 10, 2011

Megadeth Another Time A Different Place has been sold to MTV Books

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MEGADETH 'Another Time, A Different Place' Photography Book Sold To MTV BOOKS - Feb. 10, 2011
"Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place", a book of kinetic images documenting the early days of a band credited with creating the "thrash metal" movement that shook the '80s and reverberates to this day, was sold to Jacob Hoye, Senior Director of Publishing at MTV Books, by Shawna Morey, at Folio Literary Management, LLC.

Renowned as one of the leading rock photographers of his time, Hale, through the emotive, intimate images captured in "Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place"'s over 120 photographs, provides an all-access pass to hang out with a young band whose impact and influence on the heavy rock landscape would become legendary.

"Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place" will include a foreword by MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and a preface by the band's bassist, David Ellefson. Additional text will be provided by Bob Nalbandian, host of the Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast.

This is Bill Hale's second book. His first book, entitled "Metallica: The Club Dayz, 1982-1984", documented early images of that burgeoning young band before their worldwide superstardom.

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