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Special Thanks to ScorpioN for mentioning our books @!!

Special Thanks to ScorpioN for mentioning both of our books Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984 released 4/1/09 and our upcoming book Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place @!!

9.21.2009 - Any books about Megadeth or Dave Mustaine?

Dear Scorpion, I've gotta simple question: will be any books about history of Megadeth and/or about Dave Mustaine? I would like to read it.

Here is the latest from Dave on his autobiography, which is completed and set for release next year:

"I finished approving my autobiography, and that was a labor of love. I got to the last page and I was so amazed as I was nearing the end, that by the time I got to the last page I started to have this amazing sense of completion. I felt like someone had finally gotten me into print, good and bad, with a sprinkling more of bad just for good measure. And by the time I got to the last two words of the book, I started to have an overwhelming wave of emotions; finally I feel like someone has looked into me; what makes me tick; why I am upset about the things that upset me; what makes me happy; why I have upsetting things in my life that I can't seem to shake; how I can continue to come back from the dead, etc., etc., etc..."

Other recent books featuring Dave and Megadeth include Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 by Bill Hale, who is currently working on a photo book documenting Megadeth's early years, titled Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place. Dave is listed at number one in Joel McIver's The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists, and a revised issue of Metallica: The Stories Behind the Biggest Songs, was released this month.

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